About Us

Chesapeake Gold Farms got it's name in 2000 when Bob and Diane Miller purchased the farm from Bob's family. Before that, the farm was named Pleasant View Farms. The farm has been in the Miller family since the 1700s and in the picture above is the sixth generation. Pictured from left are Bob and Diane's children, Matt Miller, Ben Miller, and Wes Miller. 
Wes Miller manages the herd and crops used as feed and Ben Miller manages the hay business. Matt Miller has a job off the farm but is still rooted in the local agriculture community as a sale representative for Ramsey Ford in Rising Sun, MD. 

In 2020, Wes Miller married his long time girlfriend Amanda and they were married on the farm. Amanda loves all aspects of the farm but her interests especially lie in the cheese business. She has been studying cheesemaking for 9 years and will hopefully be making cheese on the farm one day. 
      As farmers, we take great pride in our work. The work on the farm consists of long days and a lot of factors that are completely out of our control such as the weather. We are in this profession because we love it and have a passion for it. We have a love for caring for and nurturing living things through our crops and our cows and we believe that taking extra care will give you the best.
     We ventured into selling products from our farm in 2018 because we wanted to offer high quality products that originated on our farm and had nothing else added to them. Our milk is produced from our cows that we raise from birth and they eat crops that we grow. WE then we have our milk made into cheese that has zero additives or preservatives. The same goes for our butter and beef. You are left with purely natural products that speak to the care and love we give our animals.