Beef Pricing

Not only are we selling cheese and butter but we have started offering beef. Our beef is from our dairy breeds which we believe has a tender, natural marbling in the meat with lots of flavor. Our animals receive a balanced diet of grains, grasses, and other forages. We say they eat better than us because they have their own nutritionist that formulates their diet for them daily. 
Currently, we are offering on farm pick up for beef and if you call ahead, we can bring your order to the Havre de Grace farmers market. We are looking into having beef available for shipment in the months to come so stay tuned!
Please contact Bob Miller at to place an order for beef.

2021 Beef Prices


Ground Beef 

Approx. Wt: 1lb packs                     Price: $6.00/lb

Ground Beef Patties

                                                         Price: $7.00/lb


Approx. Wt: 6/pack                        Price: $10.00/lb

Hot Beef Sausage

Approx. Wt: 1lb packs                  Price: $8.00/lb 

Dog Treats

                                                            Price:$.60/each OR 10 for $5.00


Filet Mignon

Approx. Wt: .5lb                         Price: $20.00/ lb


      Approx. Wt: .75lb packs             Price: $19.00/ lb

Delmonico(Rib Eye)

Approx. Wt: .75lb packs            Price: $18.00/ lb


NY Strip

Approx. Wt: .6lb                       Price: $15.00/ lb


Approx. Wt: .75lb                    Price: $16.00/ lb

Sirloin Boneless

Approx. Wt: .5lb                      Price: $14.00/ lb

Denver Steak

Approx. Wt: .5lb                      Price: $9.00/ lb

Ranch Steak

Approx. Wt: .6lb                      Price: $9.00/ lb

Skirt Steak Rolled

Approx. Wt: 1lb                      Price: $11.00/ lb

Rib Eye Bone-in

Approx. Wt: .75lb                   Price: $17.00/ lb

Flat Iron Steak

Approx. Wt: .4lb                      Price: $9.00/ lb

Petite Tender

Approx. Wt: .6lb                      Price: $9.00/ lb

Eye Steak

Approx. Wt: .4lb                      Price: $11.00/ lb

Flank Steak

Approx. Wt: 1lb                       Price: $12.00/ lb


Sirloin Bone-in

Approx. Wt: 3lb                       Price: $12.00/ lb

Brisket Untrimmed

Approx. Wt: 8lb                      Price: $12.00/ lb

Eye Roast

Approx. Wt: 2lb                      Price: $10.00/ lb

Sirloin Tip Roast

Approx. Wt: 3.5lb                   Price: $10.00/ lb

Chuck Roast

Approx. Wt: 3.5lb                   Price: $9.00/ lb

Various Cuts/Organs

Cross Cut Shank

Approx. Wt: 1.5lb                      Price: $7.00/ lb

Short Ribs

Approx. Wt: 1.5lb                      Price: $7.50/ lb

Soup meat (with bones)

Approx. Wt: 2lb                        Price: $5.00/ lb

Soup Bones

Approx. Wt: 1.5lb                     Price: $3.00/ lb


Approx. Wt: Varies                  Price: $5.00/ lb


       Approx. Wt: Varies                  Price: $5.00/ lb


      Approx. Wt: Varies                  Price: $5.00/ lb